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About Me

I was originally interested in becoming a math professor. While working toward my PhD at Northwestern University, I developed a renewed interest in some reasearch projects I had started back while earning my masters degree, and began using this as an avenue to develop machine learning tools using my math and programing background. Though my initial focus was primarily on differentiable dynamical systems, algebraic topology, and analysis, I often felt inspired to phrase AI stuff in these languages. I learned these endeavors were better pursued in the private sector. My eventual goal is to become a Machine Learning Engineer so that I can continue learning about the latest developments and glean inspiration for my personal research projects. I am currently interested in generative AI, Large Language Models, and reinforcement learning.

I typically use Python, Tensorflow, Pytorch, SQL, and Sage in my research. I dabble in HTML/CSS/PHP, javascript, and AWS tools as well. I wrote this website and stood it up on Amazon I've connected to a github repo.

Onto some personal stuff!

I'm an amateur painter:

I'm an amateur musician. I mainly play guitar and try to sing. Here are some covers me and my friend recorded, excuse the audio quality:

(Cover) The Misfits - Hybrid Moments (Vocals/Rhythm: Friend, Lead/Solo: Me)

(Cover) Pink Floyd - Time (Lead: Friend, Vocals/Rhythm/Solo: Me)

One day I'll put on some original works once I figure out how to get stuff onto Spotify.

Other than that, I'm a dog owner, nature enthusiast, archer, fisherman, and mathematician.